Sean Michael Glarner

As with friends, Sean loved his family very much and always wanted Mom, Dad and younger brother Nick, to do thi9ngs together. HE enjoyed his extended family as well and would always ask, prior to any get together, “Will everybody be there?” Family vacations were always great, as they should be. Sean loved every aspect of vacationing from picking out the things he wanted to take, to the anticipation of there being a VCR/DVD player, to the pure adventure of getting there. Beaches were among some of his favorite places. On a weekly basis, you could find Sean looking thru the yellow pages for the perfect pizza (he loved food in general, especially with dips) and if it was a fresh, hot pizza that we brought home, he would take the pizza to the front door as if he were the delivery guy. Sean’s compassion for all living things, prompted him to want to be a doctor. With his general learning disability, this of course was not to be, but nevertheless, in his mind, he was a doctor for people and animals. HE acquired a Dr.’s smock and had a small tool box which he used for a Dr.’s bag, filled with latex gloves, gauze, tongue depressors and a real stethoscope, all of which were given to him by nurses and Dr.’s he had met. His own contributions to the bad were: pliers, wrench, sockets, and flashlight and to finish it our, some toys that seemed doable to him for Dr. Tools. As Sean grew, he grew to be an incredible young man. He was kind, compassionate and proud. Graduation was a milestone in his life. It indicated to him that he had become: a man. IT meant a lot to him, evident in his beaming smile. — Denise Glarner

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