Siegfried E. Schoel

Siegfried E. Schoel was born and raised in Germany. He came to America when he was 23 years old. He was proud to become a U.S. citizen and proudly served in the U.S. Navy. At the top of the patch, I put a U.S. flag on both sides. He loved to fly the flag for our country! Siegfried was an excellent maintenance painter for 40 years. So I painted a rainbow on the patch and printed the words, “In loving memory of Siegfried E. Schoel.  April 26, 1931 – June 30, 2003.” He enjoyed all the many colors that he worked with. The rainbow reminds me of God’s promise that he would not have another flood all over the Earth and destroy everything. Also, God gave us another promise that we will someday be with our loved ones again and forever be with them and our loving God. God’s creation is so very beautiful and His rainbow is just one of them! The painted red heart at the top of the patch says that Siegfried will forever be in my heart.

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