Stephen Thuss

For Stephen, my Babylove –Your heart was so loving and you were so strong. As an abused child you learned to be strong but you never-ever wanted the pain you suffered repeated on another child. Even in hospice, you still had hope and vowed that, if you could, you would go and help in children’s cancer wards because you could not imagine a child enduring the pain of cancer and chemo that you were suffering.As a teenage father you persevered the hard times and always said: “Children don’t want your money, they just need your love.”I watched as a new doctor walked into the room to try to help you as you battled such devastating pancreatic cancer and he first said to you “Let me shake the hand of the strongest man alive, your reputation precedes you!”Even though you were profoundly deaf and communicating was difficult, we watched as visitor, after visitor walked into your hospital room and approached your bed unafraid just wanting to love you and hear one more time your take on life and on love and the importance of family and friends and we know they all left feeling amazed that you had comforted them – instead of the other way around. Your very best quality was knowing that everyone is really just looking for someone to love them and make them smile. They came there wanting to give back to you some of the love you gave to them that made them feel so special.You never even asked “Why me?” You just looked at us and said “Why not me?” Your faith and your love gave you the courage to say to our daughter, as she was breaking down watching you fight and she just wanted to let you know that it was okay for you to get mad: “Who am I going to get mad at? God will always do the right thing.”I tried every prayer and every comfort care and healing treatment that I could find to save you. Now, I just repeat your words to myself that God will always do the right thing. I know that our love will last forever and ever, but I also believe that God’s love surpasses all and I want you to have all the love that you gave, and more, come back to you in Heaven as you are filled with God’s pure and everlasting love.Rest in eternal peace, I will find you.

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