Wendell James Clark

Wendell Clark, January 1949 - October 2008

The items on the quilt patch are representative of things that were important to Wendell. He was a Christian man and was an accompanist for the Belly D. Brooks Memorial Lutheran Choir as well as director for the Greenfield Peace Lutheran Contemporary Gospel Choir. He loved music and was especially thrilled with the IPod. He filled 2 or 3 with music. He especially loved Christmas music and would listen to it anytime of the year. Wendell joined the U.S. Customs Service (later part of Homeland Security) in 1980. He was 3 and 1/2 months away from retirement when he died. He loved his family: wife (Mary, who is 34 years old), daughter (Lauren), son-in-law (Chris), grandson (Caleb), mother (Emma), brother (Charles), sister (Marsha) and many others. He signed all emails with the word, Grace, which is also inscribed on his grave marker. Wendell had a more than hearty laugh, which caused others much pleasure to hear. He left us much too soon and is sorely missed. We were glad he could make a donation with the help of

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