Youth Driver Ed

Since 2012, every driver education school in Michigan has been mandated to spend 10 minutes educating Segment 2 students about organ, tissue and eye donation. Gift of Life Michigan provides all the necessary materials - free of charge!

Educational Video

Your Decision to Donate

An integral part of the driver education information on organ donation is a short video that shares the stories of teens who have received organ transplants and whose family members were organ donors. The video is available on YouTube and as a DVD that can be sent to teachers.

Educational Materials

Additionally, Gift of Life provides letters for parents and students, a suggested script for teachers, and giveaways to engage students so they are prepared to make this important decision when they apply for their driver's license. Download the letters and scripts below. Volunteers (often organ transplant recipients or donor family members) may be available to share their personal stories and answer common questions about donation. Gift of Life staff may be available for a video chat with students, as well.

For more information or to order supplies for your class, contact us by email or call 866-500-5801, extension 2409.

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