We honor life through donation.

Become an organ, eye & tissue donor today.


Volunteers are the heart of Gift of Life

They share their stories to spread the message that donation saves lives; they motivate people to add their names to the Michigan Organ Donor Registry and to become involved. Many of our volunteers know the power of donation firsthand. Many are organ and tissue recipients themselves. Others are the family members of donors and were deeply moved by their experience.

photo collage of volunteers in the community

How to Volunteer

Gift of Life has hundreds of active volunteers – and every single one makes a difference. Please consider joining our team!  To become a volunteer with Gift of Life Michigan, please complete a volunteer application in our volunteer management system, called Volunteer Hub.  Please click on this link to get started, then click on ‘Create New Account.’   

Once you have created an account, you will need to be approved and take a basic volunteer training course before you can sign up for events. 

Volunteer Training

Gift of Life offers a 30-minute training video and a short quiz. Please email your completed quiz to Kim Zasa to confirm you have completed the training. Our training covers donation basics and offers tips on how to get the most out of volunteering. The session is helpful for those wishing to speak publicly about donation and transplantation or who want to educate the public one-on-one at various events.

Each new volunteer who attends a training session will learn such things as: Gift of Life Michigan's history and purpose; donor eligibility; Michigan Organ Donor Registry basics; and upcoming volunteer opportunities.  

Additional Resources:

Our colleagues at Donate Life America provide some great story sharing tips, as well as ideas on using your perspective to motivate others to donate life.