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COVID-19 Updates

COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic and organ donation transplant updates from Gift of Life Michigan

Gift of Life Michigan is keeping donor families, recipients, patients waiting for transplants, medical professionals and other supporters updated on how the coronavirus pandemic is affecting organ and tissue donation.

Our staff continues to work with our organ transplant center and tissue processing partners to get these life-saving gifts to the people who need them, while maintaining the safety of recipients, donor families, our staff, healthcare workers and the public.

All potential organ donors are being tested for COVID-19, as they are for any infectious disease. At this time, Gift of Life Michigan is not recovering organs or tissues from COVID-19 positive donors because of safety concerns.

Download our Frequently Asked Questions about COVID-19 (as it relates to organ & tissue donation and transplant) for more information.

Messages from Gift of Life organ donation coordinators

July 17:  Gift of Life Michigan takes #MaskUpMichigan pledge to help businesses reopen safely. 

June 18:  Organ transplants return to pre-COVID-19 levels; double lung transplant performed to treat critical coronavirus patient. 

May 19: #LetsTalkTuesday Medical Examiner and Funeral Home Liaisons Stephanie Sommer and Curpri Sanders discuss the important relationship between Gift of Life and our end-of-life partners, and how that work has been affected by the pandemic.

May 5: #LetsTalkTuesday Chief of People & Culture Nathalie Davis included Gift of Life's efforts to protect and assist staff during the coronavirus pandemic as part of her discussion on Facebook Live.

April 28: #LetsTalkTuesday Gift of Life Family Services Coordinator John Anderson and Aftercare Services Coordinator Alexis Harp talked about how their roles have changed in light of the coronavirus pandemic on Facebook Live.

April 21: #LetsTalkTuesday Donor Services Center manager Megan Selis and Donor Specialist Allison Minix were interviewed on Facebook Live about their roles in the donation process, differences between organ donation and tissue donation, and how COVID-19 has changed their work.

April 14: #LetsTalkTuesday Histocompatibility Laboratory Technologists Christine Peiter and Mary Ellen Huetteman were interviewed on Facebook Live about the role of lab testing in the donation process, and how that has changed during the pandemic.

April 10: COVID-19 update: protecting patients, staff and the community 

April 7: #LetsTalkTuesday CEO Dorrie Dils was interviewed on Facebook Live about staff safety, patient safety and whether COVID-19 patients can donate organs and tissues.


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