Marilou Mape

Marilou Mape, Summer Love, Winter Fun, Happiness

Marlo, our oldest of three daughters & Rey, her brother, oldest of the siblings. During our family get together – she never missed it. Since her young teens she has donated blood to the Red Cross. We were so proud of her thinking of other people’s wellness at all times. Very hard working woman- she did everything to provide for her daughter Briane and son Braedey and was civil with her ex-spouse. She always said “we might not be rich but we have each other as a family.” Marlo loved music, dancing, was creative in hobby projects, helpful to others, and most of all she loved her children and grandchildren, Haleigh, Brennan, Caidan Avelino, and the last five years of her life, Louie, her significant other who she planned to marry on Dec. 12, 2012.

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