Robert C. Bingham

Robert Bingham was a wonderful husband, father, son, brother, uncle and friend to all. He had a contagious sense of humor and could make anyone laugh! Robert loved his fishing and golf trips with the guys, hunting camp with family and all sports. HE played softball for many years and his number was “23”. Robert was surely the worlds “BEST BAKER” and God needed a baker in Heaven.
I water the flowers
While you look upon me from the window
Smiling to myself, I can feel your eyes
I water the flowers
While I look at you laying on that white bed
Smiling to myself, I pray you will rise
I water the flowers on your grave
While I look at the ground, memories in head
Smiling to myself, in God your fate lies
I water the flowers on your grave
…with these tears.
James R Wallor Jr

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