Roger E. Baker

I did my patch with the leaves for several reasons. Roger loved the fall out of the four seasons. When you live in the far northern part of Wisconsin, we had all the seasons, with winter being the longest. He loved to garden and pick fresh tomatoes from his garden in the fall. Then I listed all the things he was invovled in. He enjoyed doing things for others. Many nights he would get a call to come help a neighbor with a cow that was having problems. He would get out of bed to help. Whenever a fire call came, he was gone to do his job, even in the last few months when he wasnt feeling all that well. He welded a water tanker truck for the Fire Department and finished it a month beofre he passed away. He was so proud of it. It broke his heart when he stepped down from the Chief of the Fire Department. In all, Roger so loved life.

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