Tom Wagner

Tom Wagner- Tom liked blue jeans, so I chose a denim background for the square. The picture, chosen by his wife, Helen, is at Toms favorite place- the dining room table. The stick figures below the picture represent Tom, Heln, their children Thomas and Stephanie, Stephanies husband Jeremy and their son Marcus, and “Home sweet home” above the family represents their love and devotion to one another. Tom was with the fire house for years, so we had to include a fire truck. He was chief at Metropolitan Hospital also for years. Bowling was a favorite sport for Tom and Helen; he bowled since he was a kid. Tom loved vacations in Florida, hence the palm tree. And the sailboat and lime green ribbon are for one of his favorite songs: “Sailing” by Chirstopher Cross. The blue stars around Tom are because we, his family, are proud of him for being an organ donor.

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