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Gift of Life's President and CEO, Dorrie Dils, presented the Multicultural Difference Maker award to donor mother Artelia Griggs at the 2023 Champions Gala
Blog, LifeLines | December 14, 2023

Donation champion award winners for 2024 will be announced this month

Tickets available for the popular April Gala Gift of Life Michigan will soon announce the names of about 20 donation champion award winners which will…

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Sherry Johnson, with hair pulled back right, sits on her bed in her hospital room while she waits for a second heart and kidney transplant. Her forearm is facing the camera so we can see her tattoo, representing her original heart and her first transplanted heart.
Blog, LifeLines, Stories of Hope | December 14, 2023

You gave me your heart so I could live my dreams

Sherry Johnson shares her experiences as a heart transplant patient who waits again Sherry Johnson was so exhausted she couldn’t walk her two little boys…

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Taneisha Carswell received a kidney transplant from her cousin. Her young nephew later became a donor.
Blog, LifeLines, Stories of Hope | December 14, 2023

Staff Spotlight: As a donation educator, Taneisha Carswell knows when to talk and when to listen

Gift of Life staffer’s kidney transplant gives her personal perspective If Taneisha Carswell doesn’t convince someone to be an organ donor right away, no worries….

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Chris Kowalski shared his story as a heart transplant recipient at the 2023 Inspiring Champions Symposium.
Blog, Stories of Hope | December 14, 2023

Volunteer Spotlight: Chris Kowalski speaks while he waits for a life-saving heart transplant

Not much will stop this volunteer from telling his story Chris Kowalski won’t let much get in the way of telling people about organ donation….

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Kay Walters, pictured with her daughter, received a heart transplant in 1997.
Blog, Stories of Hope | December 14, 2023

Transplant Throwback: Kay Walters

Name: Kay Walters Age: 72 Home: Holt Transplant: Heart Why did you need a transplant and when did it happen? I had my heart transplant…

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A new marketing campaign will help tax preparers and Michigan tax payers check a brand new box on state income tax forms to sign up.
Blog | December 14, 2023

Do taxes. Save lives.

State income tax forms take on new aspect of statewide ‘Check Your Heart’ campaign Check Your Heart is Gift of Life Michigan’s largest public marketing…

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Rev. Dr. .Remonia Chapman is Gift of Life Michigan’s director of public education and community relations and program director of Detroit MOTTEP (Minority Organ and Tissue Transplant Education Program). She holds a Doctor of Divinity and serves as associate pastor at Hartford Memorial Baptist Church in Detroit.
Blog, LifeLines | December 13, 2023

It’s a matter of faith and facts

Understanding religious perspectives on organ and tissue donation One of the misconceptions or barriers that repeatedly arise in conversations about organ and tissue donation is…

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Nationwide Organ Recovery Transport Alliance (NORA) helps Gift of Life and local transplant hospitals move organs and medical teams around the state.
Blog, LifeLines | December 13, 2023

Organ donation vehicles are hope on wheels

Organs and transplant teams are probably on board Ever wonder what that passing SUV covered in organ and tissue transplant branding is all about? You…

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Mike Lopez (left) received a liver transplant when John Edmond (right) donated his 7-year old daughter's organs
Blog, LifeLines, Stories of Hope | December 13, 2023

A brotherhood is born out of death, life and gratitude

John Edmond barely gave it a thought as a woman from Gift of Life Michigan entered his young daughter’s room in the pediatric Intensive Care…

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2023: A RECORD YEAR; 500 organ donors
News | November 20, 2023

Gift of Life Michigan breaks record for organ donors in a year

Unprecedented 500 donors save lives so far in 2023 Michigan’s organ and tissue donation program has broken another record by reaching the 500 organ donors…

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a green stethoscope surrounding two pink paper kidneys on a gray background
News | November 10, 2023

Gift of Life Michigan CEO praises protections for living organ donors

Gift of Life Michigan celebrates the passage of a law that prevents health insurers from denying or limiting coverage for living organ donors in this…

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All of Us traveling trunks, full of giveaways, brochures and other educational materials, are available for teachers across the state of Michigan.
LifeLines, News | October 20, 2023

A new bill will require education about organ donation in Michigan public schools

A new bill introduced in October in the Michigan House would require education about organ, eye and tissue donation for 9th graders in public schools…

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Curpri Sanders received the gift of a tissue donation for her reconstruction surgery after a double mastectomy.
Blog, Stories of Hope | October 16, 2023

Tissue donor changes life for breast cancer survivor

“I can look in the mirror every day and not be reminded of the hell I went through.” Curpri Sanders experienced the happiest time in…

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Guadalupe Alejos, who received a kidney transplant 50 years ago, standing in front of the Kidney Transplant Center sign
Blog, LifeLines, Stories of Hope | September 12, 2023

Transplant Throwback: Guadalupe Alejos 

Name: Guadalupe Alejos Age: 77 Home: Grand Rapids Transplant: Kidney at Trinity Health Kidney Transplant Center Why did you need a transplant and when did it…

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Heart transplant recipient Rachel Kuntzsch
Blog, LifeLines, Stories of Hope | September 12, 2023

Lansing heart recipient saves lives by telling her story of hope

Life was “exceedingly rich” for Rachel Kuntzsch when it nearly slipped into darkness forever. She was happy, 44 and her Lansing consulting firm was thriving….

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